Benny Ashe A fugitive from the mob in Manhattan and from the U.S. Marshals. 73, wiry, a heart of gold, and a spirit of steel. He is unpredictable, unafraid, and ready to physically fight anyone.
Betty Jablonski who communicates with her dead husband, Eugene, by Ouija board. Eugene is not one to give direct answers to her questions.
Peter Benington a 60-year-old David Niven look-alike, he is a retired jewel thief, who thought he would nurse his arthritis and unsteady heart in peaceful retirement. Was he surprised.

Walter Innes, MD a knobby, cynical old man who retired from medicine when his own disability prevented him from continuing his practice. He walks with a cane, and wears clothes only a color-blind man would appreciate.
Eleanor Carter a woman whose past is a mystery, but in the present she is pleasant, attractive, and sets her sights on Peter Benington.
Alice Chomseky a retired clown. Coarse, loud, lovable. She still performs at children's parties and the hospital, and plays a mean game of poker.
Mr. Petersen a retired Chemical Engineer, who thinks he's Henny Youngman, or Fred Astaire (the women love it when he thinks he's Fred Astaire for he's such a good dancer), Sherlock Holmes, Blackstone the Magician, - to name a few. You never know who he is at any moment.
Tweedledee and Tweedledum two men in their eighties who view life with a comically dry cynicism. One of them is always sporting a new tee shirt with cynical comments: "The gene pool needs more chlorine."
Ralph Ardley the Sarasota police detective investigating the murders at Coral Sands. He sees Peter Benington as a major suspect and investigates Peter's past, much to Peter's concern.

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