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ISBN: 0-425-15964-7
Publishers Weekly (July 21, 1997) "...vividly captures the daily routine of the retirees...West's dialogue is often snappy (special thanks are accorded to Henny Youngman)"
Elaine Singleton's body lay sprawled on the grass like an old doll discarded by a child, her arms and legs tossed about carelessly. Skeletal thin, the skin mottled with blue veins and brown spots, the white hair stuck up like old straw, her nightgown soiled and spotted with blackened cigarette holes, she looked like a used up old doll.

The man who was looking at the body of Elaine Singleton was also old. He had come out of the building just a moment before. He was a short wiry man. On his head was a dark peaked cap that had "NY" written on it in off-white. Though seventy-three, he had that toughness that survived youth. In the elderly it was called feistiness. He looked at Elaine's body and shook his head sadly. It was not a pretty sight.

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