Here are some links that I've found along the way that might be useful to you. If they don't prove to be useful at the very least they'll be sure to entertain!
So sit back, relax,
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For Writers & Readers Alike
Large database of books which can be searched by author. Here's the link directly to our page on this site
Richard F. West on Books N' Bytes
Deanne Miller A friend of ours who happens to be a mystery writer! Check out her and her novels here.
Brian Plante Check out another writer, who also happens to be someone we know!
A&E Mysteries See if you can solve the Mystery of the Day. Check out what happened "This Day in Crime History". So much to see and do on this site.
The Mystery Reader "The very lastest news and views of mystery novels". Also have quite an extensive link page to other mystery sites and a publishers link section. Click on "Features" and then on the right hand side "mystery sites" to get to this links page.
Check out the review on As Crime Goes By in the "Cozy" category!
Online Book Promotion The creators of this site offer their services in promoting your book in several different ways. The site also supplies a lot of good written material outlining their suggestions on book promotion. A site that offers a lot of info and tools for Authors. Has a book promotion message board where Authors and readers can "share a good book".
Suite This site deals with mostly online information by suppliying links to sites in different categories and rating them using a 5 star system. Also includes articles by the sites Author and discussion threads. Develops and produces ideas for prime time television drama police series. The company also assists writers in state of the art police procedures, story texture, story ideas and characters.
AuthorLink An information service for publishers, agents and authors. Showcasing and matching manuscripts to publishers' needs.
Crimewriters Network Access to crime writing services and products.

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