Wake Up The Guy In The Balcony
We go through our experiences like a man sitting in the orchestra of a theater - up close and involved in the action. Well, now it's time to wake up the guy sitting in the balcony. He's further removed from the action and can look at it with a different view. He's the guy you need to call your attention to the things you should see as a writer.

For example, you are reading a novel that's a page-turner. Can't put it down. The guy in the balcony should be tapping you on the shoulder and saying things like - "What is this author doing to make you read like this! Take some notes here, so you can do the same thing in your writing! Look at how he structured that scene. Wow."

Or even the opposite. You are struggling through a boring book. (I am generous and give an author 25 pages before I put the book down and go on to another.) The guy in the balcony should be tapping your shoulder once again. "What are you doing wasting your time with this book? The writer should have captured your interest by now. Why didn't he? How would you write it so you would grab the reader by the throat in the first few pages?"
Keep him awake and he'll lead you to ideas, techniques, and insights, from movies, television, the newspaper, and life, that will help your writing.

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